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WOW. It's hard to tell.. is this diagnosis good news or bad news? The bad news is, yes, i have Cushing's Disease. On friday i was told i have a microadenoma on the left side of my pituitary gland. Thank goodness i have already had the other tests done, so together the MRI and test results support the diagnosis of Cushing's. BUT, the good news is.. I AM NOT CRAZY!! For a few years now, i have been told it is all in my head. and guess what, it is, just in the form of a tumor! I know, it may sound wild to be happy about this, but honestly.. i have an answer. my weight gain, my spinal fracture, my depression and anxiety my moon face my acne.. lord the list goes on... I HAVE ANSWER.


My brother told me finding out the problem is often the hardest part in being sick. Wherever this disease will take me from here will be 'cake', regaurdless of the course of action. Tuesday the 15th i have an appointment with an endocronologist, and i will hopefully have a better idea of where we go from here.. whether its more tests, meds, or surgery. QUESTION: what is usually the first step? surgery or meds??


Oh, and by the way, i just turned 20 in may. If there are any of you other cushies around my age, i'd love to hear from you. And anyone in general! But being 20, going through the whole 'figuring out my life' thing is hard enough, and now, cushings?!


Thanks for listening! my email is kaitsmail@juno.com and id love to hear your story!!!!


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I am so happy for you. I'm practically crying right now. I'm 22 and I am still suffering trying to get a diagnosis. It has been so hard for me being in college and not understanding what is happening to me. I can't take any class earlier than noon because I am too weak in the mornings to get out of bed. I have missed so much of my "college experience" due to my problems: watching all my friends get dressed up in cute clothes to go out and have a good time, while I can't even put my pants on because I am gaining weight so fast. I have gone up 3 sizes this year and I'm almost at my wits end with clothes. I'm just keep counting down the days until I get an answer. Please keep me updated on your progress. :) It would make me feel so much better about my own problems.


Good luck with it all!



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I'm still working towards a diagnosis myself, but I am happy that you finally got one. I totally understand the happiness associated with a positive diagnosis. You're not a hypochondriat! There really is something wrong! Now they can maybe do something to fix it. I'm totally trying to get to that point. Good luck with everything. I'm 27 now and they originally diagnosed pituitary tumors on me when I was about your age. I still haven't gotten anything beyond that.

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I will be 40 this summer...


Anyway, I was just DIAGNOSED a couple of weeks ago and you would have thought that I won the lottery!


Finally!!! I was right all along, and I knew I could not be getting this fat, exhausted, depressed, hairy, ugly, moley, bruised up, never sleeping, hair falling out, biggest pregnant belly you've ever seen with thin legs....I told everybody I was sick... so, brain surgery on April 7th is the best day ever!


Only we can understand this crazy feeling. Our families and friends are great, but, I really am tired of trying to convince them that something is really wrong with me.


I am not lazy, I am not eating too much, I am not happy that I do not want to do the things I used to love and enjoy.... I am just tired, sore, weak, depressed, anxious and miserable. I cannot wait for this nightmare to end! I want to be my old self again... I know you do too... We all do.


Thanks for this great blog. God bless you and I pray that you get the perfect solution to your Cushings... meds/surgery/etc...



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