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Gonna Be 32



I am going to be 32 on Thursday. I will be saying some extra prayers for Gracie before and on the day she has surgery. I could care less about my birthday...another day older and a dollar short.


So, I hope and pray it will be a new day for Gracie and that would be the best thing.


Today, I am a bit slow. Feeling apprehensive and a bit irritable.

I just haven't been sleeping normally and it is tiring.


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Sweet Michelle,


I know you are also feeling very ill and maybe not up to feeling to party.

But I do want to wish you a good birthday and may this year bring you the solution to your illness and most of all, a good treatment.

There are clear reasons why so feel so ill, time will tell, somehow I'm so sure of that...just a feeling, no sience.


loads of birtday hugs, Lydia.

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