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Here is my story



I am 34 and started to have BAD symptoms that took me to a doctor in January of 2007. I told my PCP that I was gaining weight, was fatigued, in pain, no energy, hair falling out, dry skin and felt lousy! She said eat less and exercise more. Here's the problem: I am a personal trainer, competative power lifter and certified nutritionist. I am very active, spend about two hours a day lifting weights and an hour on cardio. I keep track of everything I eat and KNOW that I should not be gaining weight. Of course she did the usual work-up and surprise nothing was wrong. I guess I am convincing, because she sent me to an endo, (a terrible endo) who said it must be polycystic ovarian syndome. Bloodwork and an ulrtasound....wrong! So the endo dismissed me and said that if it wasn't PCOS, then I should seek psych treatment. I went back to my PCP because now I was really gaining weight, (110 lbs to date) and the anxiety was awful. I never understood when people complained about panic attacks. Now I do. My PCP, Dr.B, put me on Prozac to help with the anxiety, and found me a new endo. I had to wait almost two months for an appointment, but in the end, it was worth it. The new and my current endo, Dr. Jen, is wonderful.

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hi amber i completley understand wat ur going thru i am 35 years of age and have been sick 4 the last 16 and half mnths. i was very active going to the gym often and looked after myself i had axactly ur symptoms and more much more i am on ketokonazole since nov 2008 and feel a little better.All doc also told me to stop eating no-one would understand until my hero who is my endo diagnosed me with the cushings disease thay are still trying to locate the actual tumour but have not been successful yet, but they did find a nodule in my lungs and could result in an operation hopefully this is wat we are looking for, if it turns out not to be then they have no choice but to remove both my adrenal glands which i will be happy to do. enough is enough i have sufferd so much and no more suffering i shall take. i hope all goes well with you. good luck . I also have a blog on under kouta5m check it out



regards simone from australia

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