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Dissappointed in Dr.s and their Assistants



When I got home yesterday from work, I had a message on my phone from the surgeons assistant. First of all over a week ago I emailed the asst. with info on my crazy bp and blood sugar number...I had a few questions and never got a reply.


This past Wednesday I called and asked to speak to the same assistant I email and they gave her my message which was:

I wanted to know what the medic alert bracelet is supposed to say.

Next I wanted to know where to obtain the emergency kit with hydro, or when will I get one.


Those are the only two questions I had. My message machine at home had this reply.

She stated who she was (remember too they know I work and have both a work phone and cell, but they call my house where I am not) then she proceeded to say "they do not have a prescription for the bracelets one normally orders them from the internet." Okay I know this, and of course did not get my answer.


Now for the answer about the emergency kit with hydro, she says "you wont need any hydro after the surgery because you are not a bilateral adrenalectomy" okay this scares me a lot. I have no confidence in who is doing anything. And to leave a message like that without talking to me to make sure of what my questions were....need I say more.


I dont know what to do as the day gets closer.....


Cushings and too much cortisol, now worry more and more....how comforting.


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I am so sorry you are not getting the answers you need. I do not have any answers for you either as I am still in the diagnosis and testing stages. Hang in there one week and you will have surgery and sounds like chances are good that you will start to feel so much better. I am praying for you and wish there was something I could do or that I had some answers for you. I know it is really scarey not being able to rely on your doctor to give you answers. Good luck and hang in there! If you can live with cushings you can do anything!!!

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What you say is very true. If I can live with cushings I can live with anything. I just know I need some hydro during and after surgery. I dont want to crash and I know the nurses do not know anything. I'm trying to cover all my bases, and I have to rely on myself and who I 'train' as my patient advocate/s for me. Because being out after surgery is what scares me. I am very sensitive to anesthesia and that is what scares me a lot. But I am thinking positive and hoping to get through this successfully. Thank you for your input. It means a lot to me.

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