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    Pit surgery by Dr. S. 4/28/04, removed ACTH secreting corticotroph hyperplasia and prolactinoma. Diagnosed by Dr. F. as cyclical pituitary Cushings. 2nd Surgery 7/21/04 for infection resulted in neuralgia. BLA in March 2006 as Hyperplasia returned. Possible Nelson's syndrome.

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  1. JenS

    Adrenal Gland Tumor

    What type of pituitary tumor did you have and was it ever treated (sad to ask that, but true - a lot of times they are ignored). Do you get copies of all your testing, MRIs and reports - and did you get pathology if you had surgery? Are you being followed by a pituitary center and a neuro-endo? Have you been tested at all for MEN? Multiple endocrine neoplasia? How is your ACTH? Lung tumors tend to throw off more ACTH if they are carcinoid and there are blood tests for carcinoid - have you had those tests. You have had the PET scan what about an octreotide? Why are you on pred? Is that your post-op replacement? Pred can have a lot of symptoms - how much are you taking?
  2. The dex suppression test is a lousy test of exclusion. Most of us have failed it (myself included) and found later we did have the disease. So I am not a fan of the test. The blood tests should have been 8am fasting - so that is incorrect. You are actually a bit low. Midnights are supposed to be much lower than a morning reading. Your midnights were higher than your morning reading. The doc should have picked that one up.
  3. Wow I have never heard of a neck scan showing a pituitary lesion! I don't know what your lab ranges are (every lab differs) but at my labs, 150 really high so I would get a copy so you can see the range - some end at 34 (the better, more sensitive test) and others at 50 - the test most endos order. If your endo is telling you that the lesion is tiny blah blah blah get to a pituitary center quick - your endo is an endiot - and has no idea what he is saying. Yeah, sometimes they cannot be seen but the tests show you have an issue - you need treatment after more testing. Parathyroid glands can be funny - my issue is after two thyroid surgeries, I only have one left and it is struggling. So I have low PTH, high urine cal, and my cal sometimes dips low - so it just comes and goes - it makes ya feel like poo. I would get the parathyroid thing taken care of ASAP - even though the cushing's will effect bone, the parathyroid stuff will do it much faster. And the calcium can effect your heart and all - so go for it. Multiple issues make it complex - so make sure you get copies and get a decent doc. I would find a pituitary center.
  4. Psuedo Cushing's is very rare. Cushing's is more likely - and anxiety is actually a symptom - as well as the heart problems, weight gain and all. It is more likely that the cortisol is causing the anxiety rather than anxiety is causing the Cushing's (psuedo is actually depression causing Cushing's, not anxiety). Make sure you read up on testing so you get it done properly - correct times, correct methods (keep jugs cold, ACTH done right etc) and get copies of everything so you know what is going on.
  5. Jennifer, New Jersey Pituitary Surgery 2004 Bilateral Adrenalectomy 2006 Radiation in the future for highly elevated ACTH levels.
  6. JenS

    So, he just wants me to blast my body with HC, weight etc. be damned - and forget everything else. I am less than happy.

  7. JenS

    I saw Dr Snyder today. He told me I never had Cushings ever and that my pathology was normal (he considers cortitroph hyperplasia even if it is ACTH secreting not to be a source of Cushing's) so in his mind, my BLA was medically unnecessary. That being said, I now only need to boost my cortisol up and I would feel better. This completely ignores my ACTH that has been rising anyway, and is a...

  8. JenS

    Hello Hope/Maggie Mae!

  9. Recently discovered that a relative thought to have died of thyroid cancer died of an adrenal tumor. Makes you think, huh?

    1. zoe


      curious--was the tumor cancerous or cause some type of complication?

    2. JenS


      It killed her at a young age - but the family has no real idea. But they think she was really sick, and I am not sick at all.

  10. There is a whole thread on here about depo and Cushing's. I had my tumor show up beforehand, but it was only after the depo that my symptoms went, well, all to heck...and my weight went totally out of control. Of course, it was all my fault. My gyne told me I should take up tennis (true story). Old thread - http://cushings.invisionzone.com/index.php...hl=depo+provera
  11. Good luck on your surgery!

  12. Hey Adina - start posting so people can get to know you and get the support that you need!

  13. Sending you a hug that does not involve you moving your shoulders in any repetitive motions.

  14. JenS

    Hi Anne! You are one complicated case! Keep on trucking.

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