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  1. wow.. has someone attempted to find contact information for Sunil Arya (the developer)? Apparently he/she was the team lead of the group at The University of South Florida in Tampa that developed this? edited to add: if they can develop this for saliva perhaps they can alter the sensor to work like a glucometer and use blood.
  2. This is interesting... since my pituitary surgery I've developed psorisis on my eyelids, eyebrows, sides of my nose and worsening bits in my scalp and my left elbow. I wonder if there is any relation?
  3. I took a look at the link you provided and the study article (which was rejected for publication, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything... the doctor writes that he's including peer reviews which he failed to do) has nothing to do with NSAIDs (which is what you are taking) but antivirals. SO... I realllllly don't understand.
  4. Your doctor is patently wrong because I personally knew a woman that had an inoperable brain tumor that was in a study, it was the study that she was in where they discovered that it blocked cortisol. As a result she had to take large doses of steroids that gave her exogenous Cushing's. There's no way that Linda would have had Cushing's from replacement steroids if what your doctor said was correct. She was an amazing woman and I miss her (she eventually died from the tumor): http://www.projectdignity.org/remembering%20linda.htm
  5. Hi Chi, I am one of the board moderators. We do have a section of the board for Research and News Items and I feel like that is where this post belongs. Because of the unique nature of your post (thanks for thinking of us!) I'm going to put a hold on posting replies to your message until I can contact another moderator or two and make a decision about where this information should be. At that time we will reopen comments. I hope you have reviewed our TOS Board Rules, but if you have not please take the chance to have a look, they're not too long. If any board members are in
  6. I've actually gotten a number of messages from people wanting to know if they're the reason for this message... no one is the "reason". The board adminstrators have been busy and/or sick themselves and have not been on top of things. We didn't want to just start out of the blue enforcing rules that people hadn't looked at for a while. In fact, this will probably become a regular reminder every so often. So please... don't worry about anything that happened "before" because we're starting fresh with today. Hugs to everyone!
  7. I went and got definitions from NetLingo I hope that helps...
  8. For some time now we have been very lax about enforcing the TOS, a.k.a. Rules of the Road, set out for the use of this board. If you haven?t read the rules lately I am here to remind you to take a look at them Board Rules and refresh your memory. Go take a look? I?ll wait I?m going to address a few rules regarding posting specifically. The first is the ?bumping? of posts. This has never been permitted on this board, but it gets done often. I know first hand how frustrating it is, especially if you?re using the ?view new posts? feature of the board, to not get replies to a post you?ve made
  9. I sent an e-mail asking if she'd do an interview with MaryO and Robin for our radio show.
  10. Come see the post by the same title in the Fundraising section. Fun Raiser Topic Link
  11. While not about cushing's I thought that some of the information in this article was interesting... http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p...;cc=es-20090118 Morning Edition, January 8, 2009 ? The holiday season is pretty much over. But is your body over the holiday season? For many people, indulging during these food-filled celebrations can set the stage for routine overeating. The problem, some doctors and researchers say, is that overeating causes biological changes in the body that can lead to more food cravings and cause your stomach to send mixed signals about when it's a
  12. http://www.endocrinetoday.com/view.aspx?rid=33057 The difficulties of Cushing?s syndrome Diagnosing and treating Cushing?s syndrome is sometimes just as difficult as it was 70 years ago. For as long as it has been described, Cushing?s syndrome has presented physicians with a problem. Harvey Cushing first described it in 1932, and the diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment of Cushing?s have remained a major challenge for endocrinologists ever since. Though uncommon, it is difficult to consider Cushing?s syndrome a rare occurrence. New research has shown Cushing?s syndrome
  13. I will try. Tumors that cause Cushing's Syndrome tend to be covered with receptors of these two types. Think of receptors like a puzzle or a block sorter, some things fit, some things don't and other things fit mostly (but aren't the right part). They name the receptors based on what sticks best in them or activates them. I think this is pretty straight forward, because they've learned about the presence of these receptors they're studying them to see if they can trick them. this is a description of the type of receptors. sticking something into the recepto
  14. Gee... that sounds like a lot of "us" on the board these days... I wish some of these doctors would come ask people from this board to volunteer medical records for their studies. I can't think of too many that would say no.
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