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    Dogs, dogs and more dogs.<br />We love to quilt, cross stitch, hike, do any kind of gardening, LOVE to remodel and redecorate the house.<br /><br />Both of us are Paramedics and we have a 17 yr old son from my previous marriage.

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  1. just fyi...i think you have one of the easiest websites to 'get around'! Very nice.

  2. Hey Tami and Amber!!! Just wanted to say hey and thanks for being so nice its great I can come some where to learn about cushings and have so sweet people!!


  3. Hi Kate,

    We miss you but hope you're resting and healing...

    Tami and Amber

  4. OOPS! Wrong Kate..lol


  5. Hi Kate, we miss you but hope you resting and healing...

    Tami and Amber

  6. Mary O, you've outdone yourself!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM....I kinda like the floursent green one too....reminds me of urine...LOL We both love the ribbon with 'cushing's survivor' curved and the year in the bottom of the ribbon but....we, too think that it'd be so much easier to just leave off the year and offer 'survivor' and one with 'disease'...so that both sets of people can order... again....love love love them!!!
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Got Hump on the front and Amber's ribbon on the back at the site of the hump....without the year of course because everyone's year could be different!! Tami and Amber PS...and Robin the idea about pre-ordering car magnets is a good one...count us in for a couple if that happens.
  8. We want "Got Hump?" tshirts!!!!! Great idea Jen!! But Barb...we'll pass on the thongs...lol...we try to keep our undies outta there instead of intentionally putting them there.. Tami and Amber
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