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  1. Thanks for sharing! I've often wondered how the body uses the chemicals we are missing---it would be great if a pill could mimic what nature does automatically. (I was awake at 3:30 am today---and finally got up at 5 am. It's weird that it's now 7:20---and I'm still up---and not only have I been "up"---I've been accomplishing things! I'm wondering if the fistful of potassium tablets had something to do with me feeling a bit more energetic.)
  2. I think they want to manage their financial losses more than your health. Just my humble opinion.
  3. The sad thing is that it's all about money. Not people. We're probably going to suffer a "health bubble"...
  4. Discrimination. That's exactly what it is. Don't forget how much damn money the government makes off tobacco and liquor taxes. Here in Idaho---the state runs the liquor stores!!! If these guys are "policy makers"---then they need to get a new job---'cause they're robbing Peter to pay Paul!!! Who's going to be doing all the grunt work for these fat cats if we're all so stinking sick and tired and can't get decent health care? Reminds me of what the Black Plague did to Europe---lots of the rich folks died along with peasants---so who ever was left over took over land and estates...
  5. Welcome to "1984", "Animal Farm" and "Brave New World", I guess... I personally think that they're looking at this all wrong---but I'm just a fat, lazy, depressed chick (NOT!). What about older people? Are they going to kill them to save some money??? Reminds me of when I was in high school---we had a really cool English teacher who'd lead discussions about interesting topics: one of them being what we thought was "Youth in Asia"---this was during the Viet Nam war---But we were wrong---our teacher was talking about EUTHANASIA!!! In another class we were going to study Don Quixote---but me and a couple of other kids thought our Argentinian English teacher was saying DONKEY ODIE!!! Honestly, I did not use drugs or alcohol in high school---but there were times when you would have thunk I did!
  6. Bet those doctors worry more about their golf game than they do someone's pit. tumor.
  7. This guy needs to do some inquisiting about pituitary tumors. Let's swarm him with some tumor letters!!!!
  8. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the heads-up---it sounds promising!
  9. I have one concern: The definition of the word "rare". I hope you guys apply---and they find that you are indeed "rare" enough to get some work done.
  10. Good luck with your application---maybe if enough people from these boards apply---then they'll see that there is a need.
  11. I'm encouraged. Just to admit that people with rare diseases are slipping through the cracks gives hope to many. Another possibility about this is that it fills in holes in other areas...
  12. Robin--- That's freaking awesome!!! Right now I wish I was a mice!!! Violet--- I saw that show---Anatomy of a Giant---that's so cool that you saw your doctor!!! I swear---I'm glad I'm not the only one that reads about weird scientific stuff---and watches tv shows that have to do with complex medical procedures. Most of the local folks here at home think I'm a nut case. Glad to know I'm in a nice box of chocolates with other nutty folks!
  13. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/03/22/...in3960219.shtml http://www.news-medical.net/?id=37535
  14. This is very interesting...the latest Time magazine has a story about scientists and doctors (I guess the Army is involved too), who are working on tissue regeneration---they've managed to "grow" small kidneys that they've transplanted into rats, I think, that filter fluids and create urine...I wonder if they could grow me a new pituitary? http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/03/22/...in3960219.shtml
  15. Maybe low vitamin d is responsible for "prozac nation". Just kidding. Kind of. PS---Tanning salons are trying to market "tanning beds" as an answer to vitamin d. deficiency---if they get ahold of this study---they may change their tactics and tell us that tanning is a cure for depression!
  16. Interesting. I have read that people with hypopit. problems are susceptible to dying from heart problems. I know I like more thyroid than most doctors like to prescribe---and in the past they warned me that I would cause myself to have a heart attack if I did too much---yeah---but I could tell them that if I didn't get enough---I had symptoms of congestive heart failure. I had to be checked out for that with a pulmonologist who was thoughtful enough and thorough enough to look at the big picture---not just one symptom or problem.
  17. Looks like someone is moving into a new era of medical record keeping... Does this mean that the internet is good for more than message boards and chats and stuff? Just kidding...
  18. ..."A connection between stress-related mood disorders and diabetes found in human population studies"... Hmmm...so the diabetic patients have more to deal with than just "physical" problems...very interesting. We keep hearing about how widespread diabetes is---maybe some of the research will touch on other endocrine disorders.
  19. Hmmmm...my vision problems (intermittent blind-spot in my right eye) should have alerted doctors to something... I agree with the doctor's closing remarks---pituitary disease affects mood and emotion---and patients need a support group...yeah---I agree. Thanks for sharing this with us MaryO.
  20. I may be wrong---but I think as long as you've been paying insurance---and your husband changes his job and insurance, that the new job and their insurance carrier is required to continue coverage. As long as you keep paying the premiums each month. Hopefully another of the smarties here will chime in and straighten me out if I'm wrong.
  21. Exactly! I just saw or read something today about the cost of taking care of a diabetic---$5,000 a year. The cost of taking care of a diabetic who hasn't been taken care of? $45,000 a year. I think this came from a spot sponsored by the AMA about having full medical coverage for everyone. One way or another, we all pay. Can you imagine how it would work in the courts, if you told your lawyer what you really did---and he shared the information with the judge, prosecuting attorney, cops, etc.???We'd definitely save some money on trials. Heck, why even lock them up? Just execute them. More of everything for the rest of us.
  22. Just more evidence of you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Hopefully I'll be elected Warrior Princess of the United States of America, and together with all of you, we will change the world.
  23. Hey I gotta blame something for looking like a crack-addict and feeling like the old gray mare... I ain't what I used to be that's for sure!!! 6 people??? Yikes! You've got your work cut out for you!!! Take it easy...come summer, they'll find my body buried beneath all laundry...(just kidding ) Go easy on that laundry folding and putting away---researchers may find a link between that and Cushings...
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