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  1. Wow Cindy, That is great news. To find a smart, savvy and kind Dr. all in one is so rare. I agree with the rest of the comments about helping others coming along behind us. This has got to be one of the reasons why we have to go through this, so we can help others. I hope you get your leak repaired and get on to living and feeling better. Oh, and finding the article on SusanM, I think you would have to go to Dr. F's website and find some of his articles or writings. Does anybody have any other ideas? Anyway, Congratulations!! Love, Sallyt
  2. Hey ladies, Things are a little better over here, but not by much, I am sorry to say. It's sad, but true. Where I live, I might as well be in equatorial Africa from the so called experts that I have seen. No help what so ever. We have to pay dearly for insurance, plus out of pocket to out-of-network Drs. The two Endo's I have seen locally are nothing but big jerks. Sallyt
  3. Robin, Wow, you are so smart and together technology wise. I still have problems with my cell phone. I would just love to know who chooses all the names for these programs. You are gifted, and way to cool. Love you, Sallyt
  4. Sharon, you are a beautiful person and spirit. Love to you, Sallyt

  5. Autumn, you are a beautiful person, I miss you so much when you don't post often. Hugs, Sally

  6. Mary, I can never thank you enough for all you have done, this web site, you doing this out of the kindness of your heart. Love, Sallyt

  7. Allison, I also miss you very much, we need your input and knowledge. Love, Sallyt

  8. Kate, You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Plus one smart lady. I miss you too, hoping for a cure. Sallyt

  9. Susan, Thanks for being one of the first people on this board to help and encourage me. I'll never forget it. Love, Sallyt

  10. Linda, you have the most inside beauty and spirit. I thank you for being there for me and all your help. Love, Sallyt

  11. Dawn, Thanks for being a sweet friend. I am so glad we got to meet at least for a little bit. Your a one smart lady. Love, Sallyt

  12. Wow, Ellen, you are a wealth of knowledge, and I appreciate your help, support, and compassion to me. Love, Sallyt

  13. Thanks Mary for being such a caring friend. Sorry we couldn't spend more time together in Pitt. Pa, but at least we did meet. Love you, Sallyt

  14. Love you, Robin, you are the best. I remember 1st meeting you at Dr. F. Thanks for being such a good frien.

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