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  1. This is awesome Judy! I hope they find the link or mutation.... because we already KNOW that this has a genetic component.
  2. <H1 class=main>DHEA and adrenal fatigue?</H1>by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP Two months ago, Lisa, a 28-year-old mom, came to see me. She was so worn out from mothering two kids and working full-time she couldn?t get out of bed. Just driving to our practice took everything she had. Her tests revealed severe adrenal fatigue and, as so often occurs in these cases, very low levels of an important hormone called DHEA. DHEA is a natural steroid and precursor hormone produced by the adrenals. It?s also available at health food stores and on-line as an over-the-counter supplement. M
  3. Some doctors are predicting that SOM 230 will be the new conventional treatment for Cushing's Disease. The trial has only included patients who achieved high ufc's on several occasions (untainted by any normal tests) Do you believe it will be an effective treatment for cyclical or intermittent Cushing's as well?
  4. This is the drug I am holding out for... My Dr. speculates this to become the new standard treatment in Cushing's Disease... we are inside of 2 years on its approval!
  5. What a great interview! Thanks for spreading the word
  6. Great work Debra! I told Dh last night I was going to make it a priority to find out who this guy was mess up his life by writinhg to everyone in his practice... hospital... every ethic board created for physicians. thanks dear, looks like he's messed up his own life. lol
  7. Robin, thanks again. I think this has the potential to change someone's life-- we were noticed
  8. Thanks Mary for the reminder-- I love these chats... Thank YOU!!! Hugs, Carrin
  9. I think the "smart" refers to the type of drug that GHB is... it is a said to enhance cognitive abilities. smart drugs
  10. Mellie, I am so sorry to hear about what your brother and sister has gone through. I imagine that this is a very touchy subject for you to talk about, I don't know that we ever really heal from these tragedies-- how can we? Thank you everyone for sharing your history, this thread will most definitely help others. I remember right before I became physically ill, I was struggling with huge amounts of depression,anxiety and experiencing panic attacks daily. I finally went to the dr. after several episodes of paralyzing despair. One of these epsidodes 6 years ago left me motionless o
  11. Lyndsey, this is exactly the place to discuss these things. I was discussing suicide and self-mutilation with another member... In myself I know that these tendencies are two entirely different things driven by different emotions, although many docs see them as one and the same. Right now I don't have either of these symptoms, however I have had them both in the past. My self-mutilation presents itsself as almost a compulsive behavior-- if there is something sharp I cut. If there is a small lesion I compulsively pick-- I cannot help myself. I have linked this behavior to sleep depriv
  12. Jules what that woman said is just horrible! I guess I understand where she is coming from, but it is still not something that you suggest to anyone... what was she thinking? Obviously this shows the correlation to the mental instability that Cushing's (diagnosed or diagnosed) creates in a victim. It is very sad.
  13. I was on the phone with a board member and we were talking about suicidal tendencies... so I thought this was relevant. Of course it isn't the whole article, just the abstract. Pituitary Tumors and Suicide Abstract Background: Current data suggest an influence of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis on suicidal behavior. The frequency of pituitary adenomas in suicide victims has not yet been investigated. Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess whether the incidence of pituitary adenomas is correlated with suicide. Methods: Serial sections of 151 human pituitary glands obt
  14. This is why no one will thoughouly test for cushing's and even dismiss patients with normal and abnormal results... they know that there is no legal responsibility on their part. Who, if not the doctors, should be held accountable for the delay of diagnosis and subsequent health complications?
  15. Even though this is geared toward body builders and not cushing's patients, I found it to be one of the most comprehensive explanations of what excess cortisol is doing to our bodies and why. -Carrin http://www.thinkmuscle.com/ARTICLES/jalali/cortisol.htm Muscle Breakdown: Is Cortisol Leading You Down the Catabolic Pathway? by Rehan Jalali Please send us your feedback on this article. Walk into any so-called "hardcore" gym these days, and you'll likely see 'em by the dozens. They're easy to spot? they're the guys who spend hours on end pushing up plates, searching for suprem
  16. Wow, sounds like he would be considered a friend to cushies.... I would be curious to see if anyone has used him or if someone local would be willing to see him to find out how "open" he truly is.
  17. I get mine free at the hospital lab and at quest lab when I pick up jugs. I did purchase one at a medical supply store for 50 cents before I knew they were giving freebies
  18. huh... am I the only person who can make little sense out of these journal articles? lol Thanks for sharing though My brain simply isn't working the way it should.
  19. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/05/23/...in2842951.shtml I saw this piece this morning and thought it was worth sharing.
  20. I know a person who is rep-- a few months back they got an email that they needed to use $1500 in food expense during the next week. They HAVE to buy food for the dr's and offices. These are often full catered meals. I have family in the medical profession and they talk about "subway day" - "mexican day" etc. The office staff have standing orders... so the rep knows what they want on their sandwich. Obviously... I know this is life and sales. Afterall the reps get commission for every script the dr. writes-- and they have to make a living too, and they do work hard for their paychec
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