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  1. It me again I am still searching for that person who knows what i have been through. Being Inflickted with this sice I was 18 months old. Dealing with migraines, breast cancer, lung cancer, chest wall sarcoma, depression, mood swings , non existant sex drive wanting a baby and being told it's not likely to happen. and I'm only 38yrs old. been in more comas as a child can't even count them all kidney stones 3 times so far. Severe cellulitus, which turned into an addrenal crisis. thank you all for letting me vent for once again.. I live in NY and would love to chat with someone who lives here too.. thanks again kelly kelly IS There Still AnyBody Out There
  2. Hi My name is Kelly and I have been living without adrenals for 37years. For most of my life I thought I was the only one out there . I am just starting to see that I am not. I would love to chat with anyone who can actually say they know what I have delt with growing up with out adrenals. as far as I know I was the youngest to ever have the surgery. Which is great because it paved the way for others to be able to get treated. but It is still lonely never knowing or talking to anther person my age that says I know how you feel. I am hoping that in this age of technology someone will seethis blog and say I can relate to that 38year old woman. so if you are out there please just drop me a line
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