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Using tea tree oil can increase MRSA risk


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Using tea tree oil can increase MRSA risk

Last Updated: 2:04am GMT 16/02/2007


A common ingredient in many beauty products can increase the user's chances of suffering from "superbug" infections including MRSA, it was warned today.


Scientists have discovered that repeated exposure to low doses of tea tree oil could endanger people.


The experts from the University of Ulster revealed exposure to low doses of the oil made pathogens such as MRSA, E.coli and salmonella more resistant to antibiotics, and capable of causing more serious infections.


Tea tree oil is commonly used in beauty products, but there is no legislation requiring manufacturers to state the concentration of the oil.


Prof David McDowell, of the university's Food and Microbiology Research Group, said this increased the risks that people would use low concentrations of the product, fail to kill bacteria and increase resistance to antibiotics.


? Marks & Spencer has withdrawn two own-brand houmous products after tests found they contained salmonella: Piquillo Pepper Topped Houmous and Reduced Fat Houmous - use by Feb 15.

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You find the most interesting research!


Amber and I used tea-tree shampoo for years...hum....so far no ill effects..



Tami and Amber

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