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Obese at 8 months

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Obese at 8 months


Obese at 8 months: the baby that already tips the scales at over 3 stone

Last updated at 18:12pm on 5th December 2007




An eight-month-old baby boy in Jilin, Northeast China has tipped the scales at over three stone.



Weighing 18.8 kg (41 pounds) and measuring 78 centimeters in height, he was born with a normal birth weight of 3.3 kg (7 pounds 4 oz).




The eight-month-old baby starting putting on extra weight when he was one month old



However, he starting putting on extra weight when he was one month old, according to his parents.



His mother nurses him more than 20 times a day because he often feels hungry. Because of his obesity, he is unable to crawl or stand.

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Has anyone else seen "Archie: The 81 pound baby"??? He suffered from an extremely rare medical condition---his mother found one other person who suffered from the same condition---a young woman in Brazil.


Archie's mum flew to Brazil to meet with the mother of this young woman---and also met with a doctor who discovered or researched this condition. I think it was a genetic thing...


Anyone else watch way too much tv?


Archie and his family live in Britain---but can't remember where.


I also remember seeing a story many years ago, about an African baby who obviously had something seriously wrong---he was the size---height and weight of a 5 year old when he was a baby...I don't remember if they figured out what was going on or not...

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Found out what the disease was: MOMO


Here's a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MOMO_syndrome


MOMO syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disorder which belongs to the overgrowth syndromes and has been diagnosed in only four cases around the world. The name is an acronym of the four primary aspects of the disorder: Macrosomia (excessive birth weight), Obesity, Macrocephaly (excessive head size) and Ocular abnormalities. It is unknown if it is a life-limiting condition. MOMO syndrome was first diagnosed in 1993 by Professor C?lia Priszkulnik Koiffmann, a Brazilian researcher in the Genetic and Clinical Studies of neurodevelopmental disorders.


Signs and symptoms


Along with the four aspects of the disorder that give it its name, there are also other common symptoms:


* A downward slant of the forehead

* Delayed bone maturation

* Mental retardation


The ocular abnormalities are generally retinal coloboma and nystagmus.


[edit] Pathophysiology

MOMO syndrome is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern.

MOMO syndrome is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern.


Because MOMO is such a rare disorder, very few studies have been conducted into its causes. Current research suggests that it is linked to a de novo (new) autosomal dominant mutation (PMID 8322820).


[edit] Confirmed cases


Archie Thompson was born in 2002 in Icklesham, England and weighed 8 lb 4 oz (3740 g). By 15 months his weight had increased to 4 stone (56 lb; 25 kg) and by 24 months it was up to 6 stone (84 pounds; 38 kg). The condition placed a large strain on his heart and lungs. The Thompson family were featured in a documentary for Five first shown on 3 October 2004.


Danielli Furton, from S?o Paulo, Brazil, is one of the oldest surviving sufferers of MOMO syndrome. At age 17 she was featured in the Archie Thompson documentary as his mother traveled to visit her. Furton attended school as normal, though her physical and mental conditions prevented her from progressing as well as the other students.


Two other cases have been diagnosed, one in Italy and a second in Brazil [1]. There has also been an uncomfirmed case in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Archie's mum posted on the Dr. Phil thread on his awful child obesity story. Archie's mum


This programme has angered me.. purely the title of the show..im called sarah i am the mum of archie thompson who has appeared on the discovery channel and TLC , the title of the show was archie the 84lb baby .. He is the only person to date who has been diagnosed with momo syndrome in the UK .. i now live in oklahoma usa. and archie is life limited and there is no cure for this syndrome. I have even been to brazil, to meet with a family of a 17 yr old girl with the same syndrome. i got my diagnosis purely through going to every doctor possible . and dr phil beales. from a top london childrens hospital took him under his wing he has been tested for everything from prader willi to soto's syndrome.. for anyone wanting more info . plz go to www.info.com and do a search on either Momo syndrome . or Archie Thompson.. and yes ppl thought archie was being overfed by me . and i was spoke to like dr phil is speaking to these parents alot .. now hopefully after seeing the docu on archie the doctors believed me . ok im rambling i have so much more to say .. but would be here typing for a year ...


sarah.. Archies Mum

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Wow...I'm so excited that Archie's Mum gave Dr. Phil what-for!!!


I remember watching that show a couple of times---each time, I ached for Archie and his Mum---they got a lot of crap from people who should have kept their nose out of where it didn't belong.


I'd love to hear more from Moms like this---they have gone through "it"---and they keep on plugging away.

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I saw the Archie show. He had some obvious differences like the third nipple I believe.

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