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Pituitary Brain Tumors - A Neurosurgeons Perspective


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  • Chief Cushie

Pituitary Brain Tumors - A Neurosurgeons Perspective; Video


Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery & Neuroresearch - Dr. Gail Rosseau, neurosurgeon at the Neurologic & Orthopedic Hospital of Chicago, provides an educational insight on pituitary tumors - the conditions and treatments for certain cases


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Ah, Mary, this is a good video!! Some notes I made while listening:


One cell gone awry.... Interesting...


Order of frequency:


overproduction GH

Cushing's--(her comment of "look and feel very sick " says to me she gets it!)


Patient is at the HEAD of [his/her] team.


"Patients can and should be active participants in their own care. ...Should have access to support.....Groups who have websites available...."


Well, she sure sounds like a doctor who understands. I was impressed!


Thank you for sharing!!




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  • Chief Cushie

They also have A Neurosurgeons Perspective on Brain Tumors



Neurosurgeons at NOHC are among the region's most experienced in caring for patients with brain tumors and other cranial disorders.


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Hmmmm...my vision problems (intermittent blind-spot in my right eye) should have alerted doctors to something...

I agree with the doctor's closing remarks---pituitary disease affects mood and emotion---and patients need a support group...yeah---I agree.

Thanks for sharing this with us MaryO.

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