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Looking for a press release format to borrow

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I am gearing up for getting my story printed in the Houston Chronicle, the paper for the 4th largest city in the US. There are also some local papers (Galveston Daily News) and I want to try to get the news channels to cover the story.


Does anyone have a press release that they have written about Cushing's? I figured I would want one that told my story in bullets along with Cushing's facts. I want to send these out next week.


Please post any you have here for me.


Thanks everyone.




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Have you looked in the "In the Media" pages of the website:


MEDIA: Many of our members have been featured in the media. Read the articles here.

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Here is a format I googled... it is pretty good. You really want to keep it to one page and focus on a hook... not the whole story... rather a piece of the story. And write it in article form rather than old fashioned press release style.


Also, the press release I wrote with OHSU is under Mary O's Lisa E. in the news. (Thanks Mary :.) I think I'd figure a pregnancy/rare disease angle.


Good luck, Lisa E.

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