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Journal of clinical endocrinology, dec 2003


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Yes it is good. There is an error though, one I see repeatedly.


The dst-CRH test. The Dst-CRH test or Dex-CRH test is designed to distinguish pituitary Cushings disease from pseudo cushings. It is incorrectly listed as distinguishing Cushings Syndrome (all forms) from pseudo.  The NIH studies (as well as others) clearly indicates the test is for pituitary disease.




Under cure...


Major centers... 70-80% remission... long term follow up is 25% recurrance.


Under complications...


Mortality rate 4x higher than age and gender matched controls.



Impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes




Metabolic Syndrome


Psychologixal and cognitive alterations

Alterations of other endocrine systems - GH, Gonads, Thyroid


Bottom line... complications of CS may alter life expectancy and life quality even in patients 'cured' by surgery. Article says clinicians should diagnose treat complications.... strenous attempts to control hypercortisolism.


I have full access to the article... and will share as long as copyright is followed.



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Kristy, I'd like to have a copy of that article. If you wouldn't mind, could you mail one to me at 2968 Dunford Dr., Columbus, Oh 43221?

My printer isn't working , but, if you prefer to e-mail it, that would be fine.



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