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Dr. Friedman Webinar on Optimal replacement for Hypopituitarism and Sheehan’s


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  • Chief Cushie

Dr. Theodore Friedman (the Wiz) will be giving a webinar on Optimal replacement for Hypopituitarism and Sheehan’s: Oxytocin, testosterone, growth hormone, stimulants and beyond

Learn what most Endocrinologists don’t know about but will improve your quality of life

Topics to be discussed include:

Oxytocin-the love hormone

Testosterone, not just for men

Stimulants to treat pituitary apathy

Growth hormone, not just for kids

Thyroid optimization

Cortisol, the right and wrong way to give

Learn about the common medicine you should never take if on growth hormone

Wednesday • December 6th• 6 PM PST

Via Zoom Click here to join the meeting or




Slides will be available before the webinar and recording after the meeting at

slides or on Dr. Friedman’s YouTube channel


Join on Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/goodhormonehealth at 6 PM PST

Meeting ID: 420 968 7343 Passcode: 111116

Your phone/computer will be muted on entry. There will be plenty of time for questions using the chat button.

For more information, email us at mail@goodhormonehealth.com



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