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  1. brnice

    Altered circadian rhythm?

    I don't have stretch marks but was diagnosed with cyclical Cushing's. I also can't sleep at night (only during the day) and gained weight in spurts as you described.
  2. Hello, I was just diagnosed with cyclic Cushings. Just having a pituitary tumor isn't enough for diagnosis. You will need multiple high lab results. If at first you get low or normal cortisol results, keep testing! My first test was normal and my first endocrinologist congratulated and dismissed me. After I begged for a second test, it was extremely high. At that point, he didn't know what to do, and just blew it off as a fluke. I ended up traveling to an Cushing's expert in California to resume testing. In my case, I only needed to complete 7-10 more tests because the vast majority of them came back very high. But I know from reading posts on this site, however, that it can take longer to get diagnosed. If your first round of tests is low or normal, ask for more tests. If you truly suspect cyclic Cushings, you owe it to yourself to test thoroughly enough to rule it in or out. Best of luck to you! Bernice Oh, and I forgot to say: You might also want to read about growth hormone deficiency and thyroid problems. Some folks here get diagnosed with these instead of OR in addition to Cushings. Hope this helps!
  3. Yes, thanks very much for posting this!
  4. Getting excited to see Dr. F. next month!

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    2. MCF


      Dr.F. also prefers that you have a local endo to coordinate with since he's not available full time... but most won't defer, so few of us do.

    3. brnice


      I can't use my local endo, but I have a great PCP that could work if Dr. F. is good with that.

    4. MCF


      He is happy to cc; email appts. etc: with you and your PCP if you include the PCP in your emails. Or to send specific instructions, like the stress dosing of Solucortef I got for my sinus surgery.