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    *reading<br />*sewing, knitting, crocheting, anything creative; )<br />* walking<br />*cooking/baking<br />*listening to music<br />*fashion<br />*skateboarding<br />*cheerleading<br />*volleyball<br />*basketball<br />*GETTING BETTER!; )
  1. Llama3234

    M and M's?

    Haha! Those are kind of expensive! At the health fairs, we might have to monitor them "Here's a yellow and blue M&M for you, and then you can take a handfull of those other M&M's over there." lol. Oh, but I just remembered. At candy stores in malls and such, they have those M&M walls where ther's just about every color imaginable, and you can make whatever mixture of colors you want. Of course it wouldn't say "Cushings Help" and "Cushings Support", but you could still just do the Cushing's colors as another way to get people's attentions.
  2. Llama3234

    M and M's?

    What would be the price on them and such, or would you be able to figure that out yet? -Jessie*
  3. Llama3234

    Awareness ribbon cookie cutter

    I'd buy a couple and attempt (haha, that's the keyword) making cookies for health fairs, and even just to take some cookies to potlucks and stuff, that might get people asking about Cushing's. Great find, Catlady!!! -Jessie
  4. Llama3234

    Tonight, Karen (rooon55) in VoiceChat

    5:30 p.m. CST (unless there is a time change that I'm not aware of). I won't be able to hear the live version, but I can't wait to hear the archived ones. Mary you do soo much to spread the word of Cushing's, it just amazes me. Hugs to you! -Jessica
  5. Llama3234

    Tonights The Fourth Podcast

    I can't figure out how to listen live. Is there a problem or am I just really dumb?!? lol
  6. Llama3234

    Tonights The Fourth Podcast

    Denise, if you go to the Cushing's page on BlogTalk Radio at anytime, it will automatically play the show that is going on at the moment, or the most previous one. Hope this helps. -Jessie
  7. Hey Guys! Robin wanted me to remind you all that tonight is the 4th podcast. There's nobody scheduled to call in, SO that mean's it's your turn to call in. Remember if we don't spread the word, who's going to know about Cushings?!? The number to call in is: (646) 200-0162. Just call in and talk as if you were talking to your friends about your journey (which you are, with a few other listeners ). It's truly not as scary as I thought it would be either. For those who aren't going to call in (which you really should be doing ) here's the button to click your way to listening. If your Cushie mind isn't working well today, go to the Cushing's page on BlogTalk Radio and you can have a reminder set to have them e-mail you anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours before the show starts. Hope you all listen or call. -Jessie*
  8. Llama3234

    Third radio show Judy and Jess

    Becky (glandular-mass) is up there too! Go Guys!!
  9. Will you guys say something when you guys are ready for somebody to call in or what? Because, maybe, I'll call in tonight, but I don't want to call in at the wrong time:)
  10. Robin, you're going to have to find another smiley before it will start looking sadder. -Jessie
  11. Alicia, 6:30 in the Eastern Time Zone. I believe that I'll try calling in. -Jessie
  12. Llama3234

    IT'S THERE! MaryO Interview

    Robin, I'll call in! I already set the little reminder to e-mail me at 2 hours before the thing starts, which once I get that e-mail, I doubt that I'll forget. Great show ladies! -Jessie*
  13. Hey, I don't know you, but I'm 14 and being tested for Cushings. I added you as a friend on MySpace too.