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New MRI Results Uh OH



Now I will discuss the MRI results some more I guess. [goes to look for her glasses] [finds em]So, basically once my attorney knew of the new MRIS being done by the state disability office, cause they called her to tell her cause they LIKE me and want me to have Social Security disability, she sent a letter on to the judge. She expected the denial to be overturned in lieu of the new evidence. However, it was not and no response was received. How odd she said. So, now I have to get my doctor and nurse onboard with letters stating my disability due to just the new results, which is the back and hips. I have NOT yet been to a specialist so will need to see an orthopedic surgeon to know what's what in the stages of the hips disease, and exactly what I can do for my back. But, as it stands I have:Both hips have dead bone due to descresed blood flow and will need replacing.Three bad discs in my very low back. One is severe. Probably needs a spinal fusion of a metal rod placed and the bulging discs fixed. Not sure. So, those are considered permanent disabilities at least the hips are. Dunno. The attorney, Heather, thinks we can win. I did let her know I wasn't happy with her non-performance at the hearing. She went so far as to say she would beg me to let her appeal the decision. So I guess she's pretty pissed we didn't win it but truthfully, we don't see eye to eye on what a presentation of facts in the case is. Lol. Anyways, I don't have the stamina to go find another attorney. Thing is, she understands the medical info. She's just meek in my opinion. Nice lady but you don't need meek in the courtroom!So, again she wants me to get specific letters from my doctor. She said to let my nurse write it, as he understands it and me well and will probably be willing, and let the internist at his office sign it. I dunno. We don't have to go to court again this is all paperwork now. I am going to request an appointment to discuss it with him. I feel bad but he will know how important this is to me. It means in two years if approved I will be able to use medicare to help pay for some of my medical. And it's tax free and it complies with my private disability insurance company- that's why i applied to begin with, as they can be reimbursed for some of the money they give me through social security. It's almost more than I can do to do this. It's just so stressful. It is. And my health is NOT improving it is worsening with all these appointments. My simple life isn't so simple when I have to go somewhere all the time. Ah well. I am happy for the financial help.So, talk about vindicated with my back. This is the first time it has shown anyting via xray, and the first time MRIs were even taken. So I am happy about that. No wonder I'm in such pain yada yada. Bones are something not even social security can question, unlike Cushings. Ridiculous but there ya have it.Oh, on the MRI report it was noted that I have multiple cysts on my ovaries, largest being on the left at 4.3cm. So, guess what that means? PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Which is something that mimics the symptoms of cushings. So, I may have PCOS which puts out cortisol and hormones messing with the steroids. SO, if I do... and i get a hysterectomy, then maybe I will be able to get off steroids that much sooner. This is a big breakthrough as to why I am so much worse than others on steroids. I don't need it btw- have my tubes tied for many years :wacko: I DO get a lot of pain in the region too. So, this is good. This is really really good. I get to go see an othropedic surgeon, and a Gynocologist. Oh boysies. How in the WORLD i would live through surgery is beyond me though. ONe day at a time I guess we shall see. I will NOT be getting hip replacements being this sick. I wouldn't make it I would get infections I couldnt fight in my current state. One day though.Veddy interesting. SWITCHFeeling kinda crappy. Sugars are wild, had some troubles with high blood pressure and headaches but think that is better. Sugars giving me headaches too I guess. Afraid to eat much. Turkey dinner is being kind to me though and for that I am thankful! Not eating much sweets etc. No sodas. Just water and coffee :D So ummm taking a lot of oxycodone for pain. Back is just raging and so is one hip so I decided why fight it and am trying to take enough meds to get through this. I have to write my story. Oh I hate deadlines! I want to take all year to write it but have to submit it on Dec 3 For class. Hopefully I will make it. So I may be around, but not really you know? If anyone can help me with info on PCOS, please do. I need all the help I can get. I don't know if anyone without a tumor has had it here. Being steroid induced cushings, that is. What impact that may have. I am going to start searching the site for info on it. Good luck to me lolTHE FACTS OF MRI REPORT EXPPLAINED:Of the back problems. I am trying to wake up so did this. Weird way of waking up huh? You can see why its so painful, its in an area of flexation. Curved. And the L = Lumbar. The S = Sacral which is the endOf the vertebrae. Above the Lumbar region is Cervical, which is what my mom has. Yup. Trying to find a picture of the whole spine to compare?Found a bunch. I will put two in my album here. You can see in one why sitting takes pressure OFF the area and supports it, whereas lying down hurts it.Anyways. A bunch of stuff. At least I understand. SO that?s:[1]. L3-4 Dessication of disc [??? Have to look that up]; Minimal posterior bulge, no impingement or stenosis; Lumbar Spondylosis, Mild; Mild Disc bulge[2]. L4-5 Moderate narrowing of disc; Mild anterior osteophytes (Bone spurs) on L4-5; Mild posterior bulge; Mild ligamentum flavum thickening; Lumbar Spondylosis, severe; no definite impingement or stenosis (he thinks it is causing my thigh numbness and pain though)[3]. L5-S1 Minimal narrowing of disc; Mild midline disc protrusion barely touches the thecal sac; No impingement or stenosis; Lumbar spondylosis, mildAND THE HIPS FACTS:MRI Technologist (Doctor) Report:RIGHT HIP:Ring-like peripheral low-signal, 2.8cm transverse X 3.4cm AP, subchondral weight-bearing femoral head; no fluid filled cleft; no fragmentation; no collapse; no definite joint narrowing.LEFT HIP:Ring-like peripheral low-signal, 2.5cm transverse X 2.1cm AP, subchondral weight-bearing femoral head; No collapse, fragmentation, cleft or joint narrowing.IMPRESSION:Avascular necrosis both femoral heads, described in detail above. No fluid filled cleft, fragmentation, collapse or secondary osteoarthritisThree years ago the results were approximately: 1.0cm Right hip; 1.5cm left hip. So there. Now I have dissected this :DIM IN MOURNING :spudniksurgeon:


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