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So it's been so busy. I've had more tests, diagnoses, and appointments in two months than ever.Dexa bone scan shows early bone loss but nothing much. Yay!Back needs surgery.Hips need replacing, once they break.Formally have diabetes type II AND insulin resistance. Started injections at home today. Feeling weak and tired from it. Needles don't hurt! I can only use my thighs and not my stomach as the straie are so bad. I swear, why didn't they put me on insulin years ago huh it DOESNT hurt. Keeping track of foods and blood tests and all that is hard but the needles pffft they hurt LESS than a blood finger test!Totally dead adrenal. Expected to stay adrenal insufficient and on some steroids forever.Was ordered to go up 1mg on prednisone; back to 20mgs. Was wayyy confused and heading for crises. Didn't even really know it. That's about it. The short of it!


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