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sometimes people are clueless



I have come to the point that I beleive unless people are living with disease they are clueless they cannot understand that the stress they put on us pushes to the point of no return and of course they have all the answeers. I love my family but to me right now they are pushing so much stress on me that I do not even care to be around them I know that makes me seem terriable. and they always have all the answers for what will make you better. I just had a conversation with my mom and she thinks because I don't like certain people that the reason I sick and what I tried to convey to her is thew bible tells us we have to love everyone it does not say we have to like everyone. and becasaue i don't like my aunt she thinks i have bitterness and unforgiveness in me and that not true. I just don't care for my aunt and I havn't since i was a child and the other person is my dad brother when my dad was alive he did him very wrong and took advantage of my dad good nature dopes it mean i hate these two no but I don't like them and probably never will but for the most part i like everyone but it really bothers my mom and i not sure why she can't understand why I chose not to waaste my strength on these people if i see i speak I just don't go out of my way to see them. Then again this week we are having trouble with my step daugter following the rules of the house I have few rules and I fully except them to be followed as Ken told her yesterday if she cannot follow them she will need to find differant living arragements but now there is stress agin with her and her boyfriend... and next week I have so many appoointments that require me to have no stress... the botox for my migraines will not work if i am stress so i not sure how to lessen the stress...... then me and ken can talk about most things but today he woke up and not that happening today.. it geting to the point where i am feeling of i don't do everything everbody way then they take it out on me... and I getting to the point of being angry with them they don't seem to underestand that just getting out of bed in the morning and dealing with everything is at a cost to me. I knowe i sound terrible but I need to get everything offf my chest and thsi seem the best place to do that. I just the strenth to make it though the next week kandy


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