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Wellits Sunday



WellIT sunday and very quiet in the house as everyone is still sleeping I really like the peace and quiet as it seems like we don't get that much around here anymore.... But I am working on that.... so I can have my peaceful house again. I guess when you have kids moving in and out they forget the rules when they come home but I will reming them.. yesterday I went shopping with Brittany and we finally found her senior prom dress and it beautiful on her when had been looking forever and nothing seemed right we put that dress on yesterday and it was perfect... she was beautiful... we were getting nervous as prom is saturday and my surgery is tuesday but we got it now so at least we can breathe just shoes, purse, a specail bra cups as it backless lol and hair it hadly seems possable that she be finshing school in less then a month... She has worked so hard and i am so proud of her... I hope she knows that she very nervous about me going back in the hospital she says she kinda feels lost with out here ever though she always on the run but I have always been her one stable person I told her it just for a few days and i be back laying around but here... I thought I was dealing with all this ok but i kinda lost it yesterday with everybody I not sure how my house is going to survive when I not around but I guess it will. It just like this am I woke to a mess in the kitchen my pet peeve I hate waking up to dirty dishes but I guess it does not bother anyone else around here. So i just clean it up made when ahead and made lunch so we i can reast when i get in from church. Hopefully we have some peace and quiet around here today we usually do on sunday. well two days and counting then surgery i am glad as this is getting very painful and i can't start the pain medcine the pain manager gave me till after surgery. wellI got to go do my third load of laudry this morning kandy


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