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Crazy Night



I was on for a short time last night after having been in bed for awhile from a headache that has been going on for 4 days...amidst dealing with dizzyness, thirst, weakness, heart racing, and flank pain. I felt that my blood pressure was up, and I took one of my older atenolols hoping it would help. It helped my heart rate, but not my bp. So, we went to the local ER, and I was hoping they would be able to help for my headache and dizzyness. They gave me a blood pressure pill, a script for that, did some x rays of my chest and abdomen that turned out fine, and sent me home. Well, my husband and I went to go home...but our car stopped moving. My husband had to push it back into the parking lot while I turned the wheel. We think the transmission decided to die on us...the engine is running but the car wont move forward or backwards. So, we called a cab. I don't know how we are going to afford to get it towed back here. We certainly cannot get it fixed. I was supposed to take dinner to my mom's today, but now I don't know if that will change. Thank God I am home safe and sound with my husband. There is a local bus for things that we need. I cannot drive anyways. I pray that God will help me through this obstacle too and forgive me for my mood swings and harsh words as of late. Happy Sunday...


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