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Once upon a time there was this young woman...



Who after so many years of being heavy tried many ways to lose weight including things that people only assume that really skinny people do. She had ups and downs and some successes only to fail and fail again. She thought about trying to starve herself and even had fasted here and there. Now she sits today trying once again to gain control because she really doesn't know if she will be able to lose weight even by eating healthy...but it is possible. So she is trying to maintain a healthy balance instead of self destructive behaviour...


Some day...this woman would like to be healthy and at a healthy weight...like once upon a time...

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i know how you feel so frustrating well i eat very healthy never eat fat eat my vegies chicken tuna fruit no takeaways dont even take sugar in tea or maragarine or butter and dont make any difference lol still gain weight grrrrrrrrrrrr

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