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  1. Here is a guide from me:

    Cushings Help and Support Boards

    Go to the main forums here:



    Scroll down to the 4th Yellow lined Bar named CUSHINGS

    Cilck on that title "CUSHINGS"

    Then click onthe tilte "Treatments"

    then click on the title "Post Op Pituitary"

    On the top right hand corner you will see a tab marked "New Topic" Click on that and you can post your topic there!



    Hope I helped. Not many people see the blog comments. You really need to go to the forums page.

    You also need to be a member to post.



  2. This is not good...sounds like you need more Hydro for right now. It really does. I am not that way post op . You may need to have more hydro for now. I did not have Cushings, I have Acromegaly so I can come off sooner then you. Have you posted at the forums? You really need to get this out posting on the forums. Do you know how to post there?

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