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  1. Thanks for posting this! I wonder when/if they are going to start trials.
  2. This sounds promising! 87% having global clinical improvement is amazing! (from Zhen's linked article) Could this be used instead of surgery or is it more likely to be used after a failed surgery?
  3. For some reason, trying to read this made my eye cross. So I didn't make it through the whole thing... but still I feel compelled to say FIVE pit surgeries?! Holy cow. How did she even have any gland left for surgery number 5?
  4. ***bump*** Has anyone heard anything new lately about cortisol meters?
  5. This is great - thank you!! What causes a person to have high levels of CBG? If a patient has high CBG, does this change how you evaluate their labwork (UFCs, saliva tests, etc)?
  6. Thank you! So it looks like this is a saliva test. "Saliva" is one of the few words I could understand in that article.
  7. Ditto. I clicked on it and got this message: Thanks for finding the entire article. Hopefully we can get this figured out so we can read it...
  8. This sounds like it has already been made: http://www.physorg.com/news197256843.html
  9. Maxhirez had made a funny movie showing a doctor/patient interaction. So I stole his...er...was inspired by his idea and made my own movie. These are the fruits of my insomnia tonight. Hope you enjoy! http://www.xtranorma...m/watch/8287099
  10. Stay awesome you gorgeous thing, you! Happy New Year!

  11. Thanks for wanting to be Cushie Buddies...I pray that you are going to learn a lot here. I cannot tell you how much this Board has helped me get through this very difficult year. Take care. Lisa in Alabama

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