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    On December 12th, I am speaking at a sold-out event. I am telling half a funny story and posting it on YouTube. If people want to hear the rest they have to visit my website which is all about Cushing's. Everyday, I see people with Cushing's that don't know they have it. I want to reach these people and the general public to make them aware of our disease. I need a title for this video and am looking for your suggestions. The story is similar to the Abbott and Costello routine of Who's on first and What's on second. So far, I thought of: Is it obesity or Cushing's Disease? What would you sugge
  2. NotSoCushie


    On Dec 12th, I am speaking at a sold-out event and telling half of a funny story, then posting it on YouTube, To hear the rest of the story people have to go to my website which is all about Cushing's disease. Every day I see people who I am certain have Cushing's but don't know it. I want to reach these people and the general public. What title can I use for my video? I need your help with this. The story is much like Abbott and Costello's Who's on second, what's on third routine. But there has to be a connection to cushing's. So far, I have: Is it obesity or Cushing's disease? When I get the
  3. I am looking for some place like The Mayo clinic or Endocrinologists that would be interested in setting up a dietary study with their Cushing's patients, I am having great success with my specialized diet in lessening the symptoms of cushing's and want to help others get a better quality of life while living with this disease. The first picture is me with Cushing's in 2013 before surgery. the next two pictures are me now with a cushing's recurrence while on my specialized diet. For 3 years I used my body as a science experiment with foods. I don't have a moon face, I have not gained any
  4. NotSoCushie


    Where in Northern Ont. I lived in Bancroft for 20 years, just 75 minutes from Algonquin Park. Know that cold that makes the inside of your nose stick together when you breath in through your nose.
  5. NotSoCushie


    I'm in St. Catharines, Ontario. I just hosted a dinner party for 10 people using only the food I can eat. Before all my recipes were heavy with cream sauces, cheeses, bacon, fatty fatty and more fat. They were my guinea pigs. They liked it. Even had them sample some toast flavoured with poultry seasoning because I like stuffing. They liked the idea of trying food they had never prepared like mine before. I replace pasta noodles with spiralized zucchini, rice in stuffed peppers with cauliflower florets, have a great blueberry and raspberry balsamic sauce for my salmon, etc. Just getting started
  6. NotSoCushie


    Thanks for the link. Really interesting. We are on the same page. Dr. F. even says it can help with brain fog. I'm doing a lot of what he suggests only even stricter. The vegetables are the trickiest but I eat all vegetables on his acceptable list except parsnips, peas, winter and butternut squash and cooked carrots because all of these are starchy according to google. However raw carrots are not starchy and are allowed. I eat all fruit except bananas. All meats and fish, but no dairy of any kind and no nuts. My niece is having dietary problems too. I live in Canada, she in Australia. I am go
  7. NotSoCushie


    Sorry, I did get you mixed up with someone else. Love the "success if I can sew a button back on. " too funny. I love your frankness and appreciate the discussion. I should have made my point clearer and am glad you pointed it out to me. When one gets the tumor, no diet will cure it, but I think when one has cushings on this diet one will not gain near as much weight and will have more energy than if they continue on with their usual eating habits. It may even make living with the brain fog easier. My brain fog actually went away. These were my experiences when I had cushing symptoms again
  8. NotSoCushie


    Really informative. Thanks. Where are you in this cycle? I read you had unsuccessful pit surgery but are now getting better after last surgery. That's great. Are you still making the dolls? When you are up to it I'd love to buy one. I had successful pit surgery, uterine cancer, and adrenal insufficiency. Recovering from an adrenal crisis from Sept. 2016. Have learned eating starchy foods gives me all my cushing's symptoms back again. After eating something I shouldn't, I get the cushing's symptoms then I figure out what it was I ate that made me sick, take it out of my diet, then after a mon
  9. NotSoCushie


    Hi Shaw: Thanks for replying. How does alcohol affect the HPA axis and what is the HPA axis? Did you have your gallbladder out?
  10. NotSoCushie


    Hi Cushies: Without alcohol, I felt like I was walking around in a brain fog dream state. Did anyone with Cushings disease notice that when they drank alcohol they could drink a much larger amount than ever before without getting a buzz or being drunk?
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