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  1. Sarah, how are you feeling? I haven't checked on anyone in a long while. Update me on what's going on with you. How are your kiddos?

  2. Hey Betsee, Just wanna make sure you got the PM I sent you (in reply to yours). (((Hugs)))

  3. Hey Betseebee! Just checking in to see how you're doing? I tried sending you a personal message but your mailbox is full :( Hope you're doing alright!

  4. Hi Kristin! How are ya?

  5. Settled in all cozy at the Rotary House. Excited to meet AbbyW tomorrow!!!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. saberlowe


      Thank you all so much!!!

    3. betseebee


      Praying that the third time is the charm for you! (((((Hugs)))))

    4. betseebee


      Praying that the third time is the charm for you! (((((Hugs)))))

  6. Our last night together, Keto & I. It's been fun but let's not do it again.

    1. Jeanie


      where is the like button!? ;) best wishes!!!

    2. Nillie
    3. smcsk8


      Soon, you will be Cushing's free!

  7. Looking forward to the day when I no longer have to regularly snort antibiotics.

  8. Welcome, Radkat. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with possible Cushing's, but you will find all kinds of wonderful support here on these boards.

  9. Apparently sprained my wrist picking up a glass of water. Do the rest of you injure easily too?

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    2. saberlowe


      Sheesh! I'm sorry you guys have this issue too. It sucks!

    3. radkat1121


      Yeah, I have broken my wrists three times and my ankle once! :(

    4. SherryC


      yes, broke both hips, woke up with broken ankle have no idea how it happened. All in a few months. My hips where from falling all the time. I am better now about now falling. I also have permanant nerve damage to my lowere back and will be on narcotics for the rest of my life:( I hate it.

  10. So tired yet so awake. Next stop: Ambien.

    1. SherryC


      I take ambien every night.

  11. Okay fess up Cushies: how many of you regularly make it to sleep before midnight? You can deduce my answer by the fact that I'm writing this at 1am :)

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    2. kellyrae110
    3. kristabellakatie


      never...not even with sleeping medicine!!!

    4. JWOLF74


      no matter what time i go to bed.... i am awake at 3AM... i am starting to think thats my 'tumor' fire time.... i dont sleep more than 3 hours at a pop.

  12. Betseebee, Thinking of you. Hope you're feeling well and recovering nicely! Xoxo, Sarah

  13. Jetting off to meet the great Dr. McC one week from today :)

    1. missaf


      Surgery too, or just meeting him?

    2. saberlowe


      Just meeting him. Will fly back later in the summer for surgery. Thanks so much for the MDA tip sheet; it's been most helpful.

  14. Swinging into a major high despite being on 400 mg/day of keto. Eeeek.

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