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  1. casperslove

    Truth about cure from surgery.

    I didn't have problems with my memory too much before surgery, but I've found I struggle post op. Names & numbers don't stick. I went back to college to learn photography & I learned I need to do & not just hear things to learn. Hmmm not sure on this one myself. If it is due to the Cushings, it should fix itself. Usually the tumors are still there. The tumors either grow back or the surgeon just didn't get it all. That's why you need a good surgeon. After surgery the doctors wait to see if you "crash." That means they want to see your cortisol levels go as close to 0 as possible. How your body handles weaning cold turkey basically. My first surgery, I didn't crash. My second surgery, I got below 0 before they gave me steroids to compensate & wean down manually. For some people, they have tumors on both the pituitary & adrenals. They only realize it after the pit tumors are out.
  2. casperslove

    Truth about cure from surgery.

    That is quite a good sized tumor. Mine was only 2-3mm. But Melly's right. Being cyclical vs florid makes a big difference. Majority on this board are cyclical, so that's why more surgeries are needed. I had 2 pit surgeries & have been in remission for over 4 1/2 yrs now. I hesitate to say the "c" word as I don't want to jinx it. Having an experienced surgeon who knows what he's looking for & how to remove the tumor just so, is very important. Make sure you find out how many he's done. A handful just won't cut it. (Literally & figuratively.)
  3. casperslove

    The Boards will Be Down for a Few Days

    I love the mobile version!! Thanks Mary!
  4. Hey! Call me or message me or fb me about Dr. L leaving, please. Yikes!!! I was just there in Nov. and he didn't say anything. Who is taking over??? Love you B

  5. Hello...I went to records and they are not open they leave envelopes outside the door to fill out and you can have them sent to your doctor free or you pay so much a sheet then put in envelope with your addy and all on drop in the box. Yes he did send me with spit tubes..and diary, I am doing the diary but he never mentioned when I am to do the spit tubes?????? Lab order for later 3 months urine.

  6. Kay, New Jersey, 1st & 2nd pit surgery June 2008 - in remission
  7. casperslove


    I like the Flex and the Specialty Flex myself.
  8. casperslove

    Interview with Kay (casperslove)

    *bumping* Still nervous. . .
  9. casperslove

    Interview with Kay (casperslove)

    I guess so. *nervous* My brain is still mushie and I might forget something I already said, so you may have to guide me some. *nervous* I do have everything written down, so hopefully I'll be ok.
  10. casperslove

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    Nov 6 will work Mary. I will not make any plans for then, so I can do this.
  11. casperslove

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    September or October? September I could do, but if yer talking October - those days leading up to halloween are crazy here. The following week in Nov I can do. I'm sorry for making this so crazy Mary.
  12. casperslove

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    Crap. DH made plans with his father for us to all have dinner together. I should make it back by 8:30 (so the kids can get to bed), but not 100%.....
  13. casperslove

    We need *YOU* to volunteer

    Sure! I can do that. 7:30 still?