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  1. Thank you, Robin. It's good to have it all in one place.
  2. This was Sue Koziol's dream. Jayne, you got the ball rolling when you got Cushing's mentioned in the Congressional record. Then we began the letter-writing. Then, along came Cheryl with all her friends in "high" places and all her enthusiasm convincing her Senator to champion our cause. I honestly have never seen a cushie with such energy and drive. Now her "party" has turned into a conference. God bless her!! We must now think of ways to celebrate and promote this next year, and the next, and the next. I hope to see a day when there will be no stories like Lisa A, or Susan M, or any
  3. I don't get a newspaper, so I can't check it anyway.
  4. I wouldn't think so, since a pituitary tumor is not a brain tumor. Keep up the wishful thinking, though.
  5. Blue and yellow. We picked the colors from the original website.
  6. I didn't see this the first time around. Just another hint as to how the western diet is killing us.
  7. Stress hormone may cross the placenta and affect baby in the womb Category: Pregnancy News Article Date: 28 Sep 2005 Researchers from Bristol University, UK, found that pregnant women who experienced high levels of anxiety during the late stages of their pregnancy produced children who had higher cortisol levels when they reached the age of 10. The researchers said many children whose mothers were stressed when they were in the womb may be more susceptible to anxiety. You can read about this study in the journal Biological Psychiatry. In this study, saliva samples were
  8. Just read this on MSNBC: http://msnbc.msn.com/id/8789691/
  9. Well, if the person is full-blown cushings and has had it for a number of years and is half dead (like me) - yes, the diagnosis is easy. Otherwise, it seems the diagnosis is often illusive. I just hate when med students are taught this crap.
  10. When I saw the post about the "wafer" I wondered if it went well with cheese. I would like to know more about who did the clinical trial, and was it funded by the company that makes the drug. It would be wonderful if it really did what the article says it does. In the meantime, these are the side effects: seizure (33.3% vs 37.5%); brain edema (22.5% vs 19.2%); healing abnormalities (15.8% vs 11.7%) including cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks (5.0% vs 0.8%); intracranial hypertension (9.0% vs 2.0%); and intracranial infection (5.0% vs 6.0%). During a randomized trial of GLIADELĀ® Wafe
  11. All that double-talk doesn't explain why they don't want the NIH to go public on their findings so the rest of us can be informed. They afraid they're going to miss out on a few bucks? I don't get it.
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