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  1. I forgot about it, too, until I scrolled down and saw someone flaming another board member, and quite meanly, too. It's still there, and I find it wholly inappropriate.
  2. I've read the TOS again, and just wondering, how is it that there are people who feel entitled to flame others using the chat box, when clearly they know it's wrong?
  3. Interesting study. I will be most interested in seeing the results, especially on how Mifepristone affects other hormones and overall cortisol suppression and wellness. Thanks for taking the time to post here!
  4. Yeah, mine got deleted too. He can't delete my rating of 1 star though
  5. Hey, Mary? Is it okay if we reschedule? I have a SSDI appointment that day and I don't know if I'll have enough spoons for the evening!
  6. Sorry, here it is Jessica was officially diagnosed with Cushing's Disease on 12/6/2009. After 24 years of symptoms, her two tumors and Rathke's Cleft cyst were removed on 3/6/2009.
  7. One of the bestest ladies on the planet. So glad to know you!

  8. It was so wonderful to meet you in Vegas, I can't wait for an excuse to get together again! Love ya!

  9. So glad to have you as a surgery buddy! You're an amazing and strong woman, and I'm glad to have met you :)

  10. April 16th sounds great, Mary, it's on my calendar I'll PM you a summary of my journey in a couple days.
  11. Mary, I'll be happy to volunteer! Give me about a month after surgery and I'll be all set... so Anytime after April 9th!
  12. Wow, this is pretty similar to what my doctor already put me on. I'm liking the choices they're making and the research.
  13. With as long as some of us have had Cushing's, looks like we're living on lots of borrowed time!
  14. Probably Cushing's. At any rate, I'd love to see the armor. I'm a sucker for a handsome big guy
  15. And Judy's family is famous now Thanks so much ladies, and Dr. F, for a wonderfuly informative interview!
  16. I've been coming off of Dexamethasone all week. It has not been fun at all. I now understand what lows truly feel like and if it happens post-op, I'm going for the hydro! I never threw up, but I came close. Lots of sleep helped, but when I woke up and did stuff, it came right back, so back to bed I went! My menstrual cycles are always screwed up. The best they were was right after I had my son, now they're back to normal-weirdness. My cycle this month was 29 days. Last month it was 24, the month before it was 23. ODD. So now I'm PMSing on top of the low from Dex. Talk about irrit
  17. Are there instances when high cortisol levels can not be captured, but a hypopituitary patient with a validated tumor present would require surgery for tumor removal?
  18. Brand new stretch marks yesterday and today. *sigh* The older stretch marks have been red the past few days, the new ones are purple. My pulse is pounding in my ears. The only things that hurt are my knee and my hump. I can't get these tests in soon enough. I've been wondering a lot about MDA and how I'm going to do that alone. Does the Rotary House have a financial aid program?
  19. missaf

    Sleepless nights

    Last night was another one of those nights that I got ravenously hungry after eating well all day. I checked my stretch marks (bright red), and my pulse was pounding in my ears very loudly. I was craving carbs like I was addicted to them, and it was most uncontrollable. I couldn't fall asleep until 5am, and I had gotten up at 7am the day before! I felt so wired, even though my body felt exhausted. I pray that these have been highs and my testing will show it! Today, out of nowhere I have a raging yeast infection. The past five months -- that I've been paying attention -- this is the
  20. missaf

    First Blog!

    I've decided to keep my blog about Cushing's here rather than where I normally keep it. Today I am feeling warm and energetic. I had lots of heart-pounding in my head -- is that hypertension? My hump has ached today, and in turn, my neck aches. I didn't get dizzy when standing today that I noticed, but I did have lots of trouble getting up off the floot. I checked my stretch marks today and they are mean and red, some purple, so started a 24 hour at 8pm. All my salivaries are done, so I'm hoping the first 6 are low to medium, and the last two are sky high *crosses fingers* I'
  21. My PCP just told me today about Dr. F and his orders for midnight salivaries: "Finally, someone who believes in these!"
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