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  1. hiiJoey, f you look at the right side of the main page when you login, you will see the donation site and Donations: 801.61 USD || Goal PayPal is good and anything helps, thanks. Dave
  2. Hiya Robin, Good to see your name here again...hope you're doing better. I agree with you entirely and it is so embarrassing that folks have to be embarrassed into making a minimal donation to support a facility which is of tremendous value to all who come here. ....and you know doing without those Big Macs and the other stuff would also help with weight control a little. In the UK we have a National Health Service which is essentially funded by employees' compulsory contribution until they reach retirement age and then you get a pension based on how much you've contributed over your working life. I think generally US ages are considerably higher than here in the UK and therefore you have the capability to buy your health care. Would $10 really be difficult for most people or are they just happy to let a few, including the creator of the site, pay the dues. Count me in. Best wishes Dave
  3. Goopy blob huh......that description fits a lot of kids in my neighbourhood. Seriously the more I read about pituitary tumours and how small they can be the more I tend to compare them to "brain wiring malfunctions" and the more I believe that pituitary Cushing's is pretty well incurable . I've had 6 pit MRIs over a similar number of years and despite some radiologists concerns about "hypointense areas post gadolineum contrast" nobody has ever said ' we think you may have Cushing's ' or ' we should do an IPSS to evaluate this ' Adrenal problem is a very different kettle of fish as we all know. Maybe that pituitary based disease is still an imprecise area for surgery and therefore why there are so many recurrences and indeed why so many folk don't get to surgery or even diagnosis...after all , as was remarked recently in another post .... all surgeons know how to operate but some know when to operate and when to leave it alone . just my view. Dave
  4. In simple terms is this like picking the full grown bloom as opposed to "nipping it in the bud" ? Dave
  5. I know it's not a laughing matter but a smile sometimes helps. I just did a double take cos I read the topic heading wrong and thought it said "Cushings doesn't make you FART" Bet it does ! Sorry, it's just my weird mind. Dave
  6. It possibly doesn't by itself but the effects of it do in some cases. Not all Cushing's sufferers gain weight noticeably. Arguably the inability to tolerate excercise could cause weight gain.
  7. Lydi,

    You've been gone too long. Hope you're safe.

    Captain Pugwash, King of Pirates.

  8. Lydi...How are you?

  9. Interesting question. My latest consultant has put me back on thyroxine and is considering usng some sort of MAOI to increase dopamine retention . This won't happen until we have successfully converted from testosterone injection to implant at which point he will have a better understanding of the situation. I have to believe him although it seems to be a more radical approach than anybody else I've seen in the last five years. Dave
  10. Gracie, long time. Your avatar pic is showing a different face to the one we all knew...you're looking great and I hope feeling good too. I know youhave problems with your kiddies health and hope that things soon get sorted out for them. Best wishes


  11. Hmmmph...the rate at which my hair is falling ut recently since starting these testosterone injections I'll have none left in a couple of months. Dave
  12. your inbox is filled, awwww, can't write to you pirate.

  13. ....There's a couple of them "after my blood" at the moment but not for research....for revenge. Great news Judy.......you'll put Colby on the map again. Dave
  14. Interesting stuff Mandy....thanks.....I have that low DHEAS and all. Hope the Bart's call is useful when it comes. Fingers crossed matey. Dave
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